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 Wheres some inspiration when you need it?

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PostSubject: Wheres some inspiration when you need it?   Sun Dec 27, 2009 7:42 am

This is ridiculous. I've been in this mood for like 2 months. Ok, body, i'm all rested up. Now wheres my freaking art Muse. I actually want to get some stuff done, but my hands and my mood dont wanna cooperate. Even though in my mind i'm telling myself i really do want to start doing some stuff.

I just went through like 50 pieces of paper, all junk drawings. I cant get anything done. I dont even have the will power to play some RPGs now. I'm only able to play Dating sims. I just need something to spark in me to get me going again damnit!!


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Wheres some inspiration when you need it?
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