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 Touhou ChomeChome Manga 16 (TTG)

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Touhou ChomeChome Manga 16 (TTG) Empty
PostSubject: Touhou ChomeChome Manga 16 (TTG)   Touhou ChomeChome Manga 16 (TTG) EmptyTue May 01, 2012 9:28 pm

Artist - Peke(ペケ)

I'm so bummed i Couldn't release this on April 28th for my birthday. I'm 2 days late damn it.

0:36 - Lost in translation: Komachi says her New Year's greeting the same way Marisa did in Episode 12, which is an abbreviated version of a long Happy New Year's phrase said in japanese

1:43 - A Nori Tsukkomi is different from a regular Tsukkumi role. Usually the Tsukkumi role has that person argueing with the boke and calling them out on their mistakes. On the other hand, a Nori Tsukkumi well actually go along with the boke on their mistakes and act as if everything was normal...AND THEN point out the mistake.

4:51 - Wasn't sure if I should directly put in the "Pichu~n" sound effect associated with the death sound in Touhou. I could have also translated it as "She went Pichu~n while still standing!"

9:08 -

Touhou Chomechome Manga 16

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Touhou ChomeChome Manga 16 (TTG)
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