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 Sakuya's Childhood 11 (1TG)

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Sakuya's Childhood 11 (1TG) Empty
PostSubject: Sakuya's Childhood 11 (1TG)   Sakuya's Childhood 11 (1TG) EmptySun Dec 04, 2011 2:35 am

Artist - Ricia (リーチャ)
Artist's Website blog -

Fight on Remilia, fight on....

1:41 - Inside the quotation markes originally was "ぴゅっぴゅっ
ぴゅ~のぴゅ~よ" which would be "PyuuPyuuPyuu~and Pyu~yo". Orange originally says this line to Reimu in Lotus Land Story and in context, she was basically making shooting sounds to show how badly she would beat Reimu. Now granted, Danmaku rules didn't exists back then , but since in this story, Orange is hanging around with the Windows cast, Orange should be caught up in modern Gensokyou rules about the Danmaku system and how most battles utilize it now.

Sakuya's Childhood 11

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Sakuya's Childhood 11 (1TG)
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