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 Touhou ChomeChome Manga 12 (1TG)

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PostSubject: Touhou ChomeChome Manga 12 (1TG)   Thu Nov 24, 2011 3:04 pm

I really like it when Kaguya is potrayed more normally instead of just the fanon NEET.

2:15 - You never heard of a writing material underlay?
From what I could find, it seems to be a foam(or something similar) piece place under scrolls or paper used almost exclusively for japanese calligraphy. I would given you guys a web link but any english page I was able to find sounded like it was written up by either a japanese person not knowing proper english grammer or if a japanese page was run through some sort of machine translator. For those that are interested here is an japanese Amazon link.

2:20 - Shitajiki = Underlay

4:28 - After googling "寅だらけ" this was the best translation I could come up with. Also, the year this episode was made was the year of the Tiger.

5:40 - Usagi is Rabbit in japanese.

5:52 - Joke lost in translation(If I can even call it a joke). Everytime Kaguya said bad it was written as "コウモリ". In this line, Kaguya says that "コウモリ" is written as "蝙蝠". Also "蝙蝠" can also mean a western style umbrella. Also individually both Kanji symbols actually mean bat, but they are read differently.

6:10 - Another thing lost in translation. Marisa uses a slang in japanese for "Happy New Year". Reimu probably wanted Marisa to say "Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu." but Marisa said "Ake o Nu." I suppose I could have put in an english slang for "Happy New Year" only....I don't know of any and I couldn't find one on the internet, so I can only assume there isn't a slang in english or I'm just a boring person.

6:31 - Oni-gokko can literally translated as "Run away from the Oni".

Touhou Chomechome Manga 12

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Touhou ChomeChome Manga 12 (1TG)
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