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 Sakuya's Childhood 5 (1TG)

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PostSubject: Sakuya's Childhood 5 (1TG)   Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:41 pm

It's Christmas time in Gensokyo!

Mitsukoshi - Department store

2:36 - Original line of Yumeko was "Nechoruna". Based on what I could find from japanese touhou boards and just google in general, it seems to be something alone of the lines of erotic touhou stories. At least I think. So Yumeko might be saying that something naughty was happening in the dark bubble or that she was going to write a fan fic about Meirin and Rumia.

Jusco is a department store in japan.

Original line by Cirno was "Futomashiku dekitainda." Based on what a Touhou wiki told me about "Futomashi", its a word used for Letty to basically say she's got a sexy body. Basically a backwards word used from the other meme that says Letty is fat(Debu).

Sakuya's Childhood 5

Artist - Ricia (リーチャ)
Artist's Website blog -

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Sakuya's Childhood 5 (1TG)
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