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 Since Madness 10 is out, Nedus is complete

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PostSubject: Since Madness 10 is out, Nedus is complete   Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:28 pm

Nedus Gradula is heavily based on The Auditor from Madness Combat. Im so happy Madness 10 is out. But compared between Auditor and Nedus, Auditor seems like a coward.

Rumia and Jebus: Auditor used Jebuses halo. It becomes a red halo. Just like the one Ex Rumia uses. Neduses intensions is take Rumias power by stealing hers Halo and absorbing it into his body. Just like Auditor (I believed Auditor absorbed it into his body till MC10. I need to pay more attention)

Auditors abilities is the same as Neduses. They both can desolve midair and reform at a distance away. Although, I dont know whats Auditors power name is.

So, watch Madness Combat 10 and have your mind blown

I stalk you then... I ask you out for a cup of tea...

Hyudoro =)

You know every move im going to do but that wont help you because I would know every move you would do. Straaaange isnt it?
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Since Madness 10 is out, Nedus is complete
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