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 Team Fortress 2/ Touhou Fortress 2 (Touhou Custom Skins)

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PostSubject: Team Fortress 2/ Touhou Fortress 2 (Touhou Custom Skins)   Wed Aug 25, 2010 11:24 pm

I have been playing TF2 for a while now, about this week nonstop so far. I have became more active due to my Graphics card being upgraded. Although I do need a better power supply to handle it. I sucked at Tf2, well as I thought. I make a good Heavy with Natasha. So, about a day or two ago, I played around with my Medic/Eirin Skin. I put it in my Player, located in tf/materials/models. (Then after words, Models then player) So, I decided to check out TF2, I looked at my Medic...? I relize my Medic was Eirin. I was rather happy. So I decided to install Aya, the Utsuho. Tested out the Utsuho Voice pack, then Sakuya. I havent relize that Sakuya Skin in the Loadout was invisible. It made me believe that the Spy would become invisible. So I played around with her, no luck... as I thought. Later on I decided to get the HUD. Mokou is my for out, my favorite. The reason why, I love Pyro so much!




Sniper/Sniper (Reskin, he looks awesome!)

So, if anyone has both steam and Team Fortress 2, my account is SonicchaosDN... ID 1337q90

I stalk you then... I ask you out for a cup of tea...

Hyudoro =)

You know every move im going to do but that wont help you because I would know every move you would do. Straaaange isnt it?
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Team Fortress 2/ Touhou Fortress 2 (Touhou Custom Skins)
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